Podcast Guest Applications

Welcome to the Wizard of Ed Podcast and thank you for taking interest in becoming a guest speaker. We are now in the process of expecting application for our October podcast guest.

November “ Keeping Students First.”


By November, most of our students are acclimated to their teachers, schedules, classmates, and understand the expectations for appropriate behavior. This is also a month were some  of our students begin to act out due to lack of interest in the classroom or the learning environment is not conducive to enhance the learning experience. November podcast episode is designed to help educators understand and implement different strategies to bring their students to the forefront of learning.


The purpose of this professional development is to review best practices and strategies from educators  and school leaders that help elevate student voice in the classroom. The goal is to provide educators with the ability to review their curriculum content and strategies how to restructure it for student centered instruction.

Listeners will leave this episode with tangible tools and insight on how to find your identity in the classroom and how to create a culture of achievement with students and colleagues.

This podcast is a two part series that will allow listener to get two different perceptive’s.  One speaker will be a current teacher in the classroom and one guest speaker will be a current administrator and or an individual in a leadership role that is directly related to the classroom.